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About Medient

As a special health instution, MediEnt Ear, Nose and Throat Center was founded on March 14th 2013. All the medical and surgical treatment of ENT diseases and facial aesthetic surgery are avaible in our center.

MediEnt Ear, Nose and Throat Centre

focused on patients ' health and safety with the knowledge of the health personnel in the scientific and ethical aspects of patient care, and using latest technology in treatment methods and premium quality of the patient care since its founding. MediEnt Ear, Nose and Throat Center cares all kinds of needs, expectations and rights of patients every time.

The ethical and fiduciary management style on both patients and doctors and nurses is irreplaceable for Medient ENT Center administrative staff. Medient has taken its rightful place among the leaders in our country's health area by closely tracking the diagnosis and treatment.

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Our goal is providing the best service with the ethical and fiduciary approach for the medical and surgical treatment of the ear, nose and throat diseases in Istanbul, in Turkey and in the geography of it is located.


Our mission is to provide a reliable diagnosis and treatment service of the ear, nose and throat diseases with our distinguished staff and international quality standards in the field of service in accordance with the ethical principles.


To offer high-quality health care to the patient from all walks of life, to create job opportunities in the health sector and in this way to serve our country, to provide the continuous development and to work happily of all our employees.

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